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In carrying out its role and exercising its powers

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Unformatted text preview: over management. In carrying out its role and exercising its powers, the board acts in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law and the Company’s Constitution. It acts honestly, fairly and with integrity in accordance with the Company’s policies, codes of conduct and ethical and other standards and in a manner which will create and develop sustainable value for shareholders. It has regard to the interests of the Company’s stakeholders, its employees, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders and the general community. Responsibilities of the board In performing its role, the board undertakes the responsibility for: • the oversight of the Company, its business, activities, corporate governance and internal controls, including the development of its commercial, strategic and financial objectives and the monitoring of the implementation and execution of those objectives; • the responsibilities of a nomination committee, including the composition of the board, including appointment and retirement or removal of directors and succession planning; • the review and oversight of the operation of systems of risk management, internal compliance and control, codes of ethics and conduct, legal and regulatory compliance; • the monitoring of senior management’s performance and implementation of strategy, including ensuring appropriate resources are available; • approval of major capital expenditure, capital management, acquisitions and divestitures and...
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