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In making decisions on behalf of the company

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Unformatted text preview: ance with the interests of shareholders, staff, clients and all other stakeholders in the Company. In making decisions on behalf of the Company, directors and officers will respect and have regard to the bona fide interests of legitimate stakeholders in the Company, including its shareholders, employees, customers, clients, partners and suppliers. The Company will not knowingly infringe the legal rights of legitimate stakeholders, and will take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of doing so unintentionally. Officers must act fairly and honestly in all their dealings with and for the Company. Business relationships must be maintained in a way which is consistent with the principles of respect for others and fairness. The Company maintains a position of impartiality with respect to party politics. Accordingly, the Company does not contribute funds to any political party, politician or candidate for public office. The Company does not prohibit officers from making personal political contributions but they may not use their role with the Company for political interests at any time. The purchase and sale of company securities by directors and employees is only permitted during the four...
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