In monitoring customer credit risk customers are

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Unformatted text preview: ive years, and losses have occurred infrequently. In monitoring customer credit risk, customers are grouped according to their credit characteristics, including whether they are an individual or legal entity, whether they are a wholesale, retail or end-user customer, geographic location, industry, ageing profile, maturity and existence of previous financial difficulties. Goods are sold subject to retention of title clauses or rights to withhold data, so that in the event of non-payment the Group may have a secured claim. The Group does not require collateral in respect of trade and other receivables. The Group has established an allowance for impairment that represents the estimate of incurred losses in respect of trade and other receivables and investments. The main components of this allowance are a specific loss component that relates to individually significant exposures. The collective loss allowance is determined based on historical data of payment statistics for similar financial assets. Exposure to credit risk The carrying amount of the Group’s fina...
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