Principle 8 remunerate fairly and responsibly

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Unformatted text preview: ts the policies adopted by the board and that the Company’s risk management and internal compliance and control is operating efficiently and effectively in all material respects. Principle 8: Remunerate fairly and responsibly Remuneration Committee The board has established a Remuneration Committee, which operates under a charter adopted by the board, a copy of which is available on the Company website. It is the Company’s objective to provide maximum stakeholder benefit from the retention of a high quality board and executive management team by remunerating directors and key executives fairly and appropriately with reference to relevant employment market conditions. To assist in achieving this objective, the Remuneration Committee links the nature and amount of the executive directors’ and officers’ emoluments to the Company’s financial and operational performance. Expected outcomes of the remuneration structure include the retention and motivation of key executives and performance incentives which allow executives to share in the Company’s success. Ful...
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