Remuneration is reviewed annually by the remuneration

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Unformatted text preview: 30 June 2010 are set out in Table 1 and 2 respectively. Executive director and key executive remuneration Objective The Company seeks to set remuneration for key management personnel at a level commensurate with their position within the Group and the inherent responsibilities therein. Remuneration is reviewed annually by the Remuneration Committee which reports to the board. The Remuneration Committee conducts a review of Group-wide data, state unit and individual performance, relevant comparative market and internal remuneration and the level of shareholder returns generated. Structure The Company has entered into employment contracts with all key management personnel of Wellcom Group Limited and other entities within the Group. Key management personnel are given the opportunity to receive their fixed remuneration in a variety of forms including cash, superannuation contributions and fringe benefits such as motor vehicles. It is intended that the manner of payment chosen will be optimal for the recipient without creating undue cost for the Group. All remuneration paid to key management pers...
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