The costs have been measured at present value of the

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Unformatted text preview: hold property to its former state under the terms of the various leases. The costs have been measured at present value of the estimated expenditure required to remove any leasehold improvements. 55 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements Movement in provisions: Makegood For personal use only 2011 $’000 153 75 72 (125) 100 78 153 2011 $’000 2010 $’000 38,355 38,355 Carrying amount at the beginning of the year Charged/(credited) to the income statement: - Additional provisions recognised - Unused amounts reversed Carrying amount at year end 2010 $’000 38,355 38,355 20. Contributed equity 39,190,001 (2010: 39,190,001) fully paid ordinary shares* * Fully paid ordinary shares carry one voting right per share and carry the right to receive dividends and the proceeds on winding up of the Company in proportion to the number of and amounts paid on the shares held. The shares do not have a par value. Capital risk management The board’s policy is to maintain a strong capital base so as to maintain investor, creditor an...
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