The liabilities insured are legal costs that may be

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Unformatted text preview: TORS AND OFFICERS During the financial year, Wellcom Group Limited paid a premium of $36,707 (2010: $39,677) to insure the directors and secretary of the Company and its Australian-based controlled entities, and the general managers of each of the divisions of the Group. The liabilities insured are legal costs that may be incurred in defending civil or criminal proceedings that may be brought against the officers in their capacity as officers of entities in the Group, and any other payments arising from liabilities incurred by the officers in connection with such proceedings. This does not include such liabilities that arise from the conduct involving a wilful breach of duty by the officers or the improper use by the officers of their position or of information to gain advantage for themselves or someone else or to cause detriment to the Company. It is not possible to apportion the premium between amounts relating to the insurance against legal cost and those relating to other liabilities. DIRECTORS’ MEETINGS The number of meetings of directors held during the year ended 30 June 2011 and the number of meetings attended by each director during that period were as follows: Directors Meetings Held Attended W.W. Sidwell C.A. Anzarut K.B. Smith A.J. Brook * * ^ 10 10 10 4 Resigned from the Company on 29 November 2010 Not a member of the relevant committee 14 10 10 10 4 Committee Meetings Audit Remuneration Held Attended Held Attended 2 2 2 ^ 2 2 2 ^ 2 2 ^ ^ 2 2 ^ ^ Wellcom Gr...
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