There is no scheme to provide retirement benefits

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Unformatted text preview: l details of the Company’s remuneration framework and remuneration received by directors and executives in the current period are included in the remuneration report, within the directors’ report. There is no scheme to provide retirement benefits, other than statutory superannuation, to non-executive directors. The board is responsible for determining and reviewing compensation arrangements for the directors themselves, the Chairman and executive management. There has been two (2) Remuneration Committee meetings held during the year. Details of directors’ attendance at these committee meetings are outlined in the directors’ report. The members of the Remuneration Committee for the entire year were: C.A. Anzarut (committee chairman) W.W Sidwell ASX Corporate Governance Council Best Practice Recommendations & Disclosures –Compliance The Company complies, and has complied with the best practice recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council for the whole of the financial year, with the exception of those items listed below: a) The Chairman and Chie...
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