Trade and other payables unsecured trade payables

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Unformatted text preview: 08 3,735 12,014 Deposits paid 2010 $’000 4,253 632 2,088 6,973 15. Trade and other payables Unsecured Trade payables Goods and services tax (GST) payable Other The average credit period on purchases of goods and services is thirty (30) days. No interest is charged on the trade payables. The Group has financial risk management policies in place to ensure that all payables are paid within the credit timeframe. The Group’s exposure to currency and liquidity risk related to trade and other payables is disclosed in note 24. 16. Short term borrowings 2011 $’000 - 88 636 - Secured Lease incentive and finance lease liabilities (note 25) Hire purchase liabilities (note 25) Unsecured Other loans * 2010 $’000 614 1,338 * Other loans are repayable over a 5 year period. The Group’s exposure to risks arising from short and long-term borrowings is set out in note 24. 17. Current provisions 2011 $’000 2,733 125 2,858 Employee benefits Provision for makegood (a) 54 2010 $’000 2,645 431 3,076 We...
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