Where outstanding bank overdrafts exist they are

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Unformatted text preview: and, deposits held at call with financial institutions and readily convertible investments in money market instruments, net of outstanding bank overdrafts. Where outstanding bank overdrafts exist, they are shown within borrowings in current liabilities in the statement of financial position. For the purpose of the cash flow statement cash and cash equivalents consist of cash and cash equivalents as defined above. i) Employee benefits Provision is made for benefits accruing to employees in respect of wages and salaries, annual leave and long service leave when it is probable that settlement will be required and they are capable of being measured reliably. Liability for non-accumulating sick leave is recognised when the leave is taken and is measured at the rates paid or payable. Provisions made in respect of employee benefits expected to be settled within twelve (12) months, are measured at their nominal values using the remuneration rates expected to apply at the time of settlement. Provisions made in respect of employee benefits which are not expected to be settled within twelve (12) months are measured as the present value of the estimated future cash outflows to be ma...
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