Arrangements remuneration structure in accordance

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Unformatted text preview: ives Reasonableness, fairness and consideration of market guidelines Appropriateness of performance criteria linked to variable executive remuneration Established relationship between executive rewards and increased shareholder value Transparency and shareholder approval of compensation arrangements Remuneration structure In accordance with best practice corporate governance, the structure of non-executive director and executive remuneration is separate and distinct. Non-executive director remuneration Objective The board seeks to set non-executive remuneration at a level that fairly compensates the individual director for their time and contribution to the affairs of the Company whilst incurring a cost that is acceptable to shareholders. Structure The ASX Listing Rules require the aggregate remuneration of non-executive directors be determined from time to time by a general meeting. During the financial year, each non-executive director received a set fee for being a director of the Company. The non-executive directors do not receive retirement benefits, nor do they participate in any incentive programs. Details of the remuneration of non-executive directors for the year ended 30 June 2011 and...
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