Ii segment revenue sales between segments are carried

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Unformatted text preview: segments are carried out at arm’s length and are eliminated on consolidation. The revenue from external parties reported to the Board of Directors is measured in a manner consistent with the income statement. (iii) Segment result reconciliation to profit after tax from continuing operations 2011 $’000 12,181 434 (153) (1,307) 972 (2,981) 9,146 Segment result Interest revenue Interest expense Corporate charges Joint venture income Income tax expense Profit after tax from continuing operations 67 2010 $’000 10,963 171 (195) (1,529) 1,011 (2,761) 7,660 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 27. Key management personnel disclosures (a) Directors For personal use only The directors of Wellcom Group Limited during the financial year were: Wayne Sidwell (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) Amanda Brook (Chief Executive Officer) (resigned 29 November 2010) Charles Anzarut (Non-Executive Director) Kerry Smith (Non-Executive Director) (b) Other key management personnel The other key management personnel of Wellcom Group Limited during the financial year were: Stephen Rees (Chief Operating Officer) Julian Graham (Company Secretary, Chief Financial Officer) Michael Bettridge (General Manager, Asia) Craig Bevan (General Manager - New South Wales) Mark Parker (General Manager - Victoria) (resigned 17 September 2010) Andrew Sidwell (General Manager - Victoria) (appointed 1 October 2010) Chris Grawe (General Manager - UK) (appointed 1 May 2011) The Gr...
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