Income tax revenue included in income tax expense

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Unformatted text preview: charge/(income) in respect of previous years Total income tax expense Attributable to: Continuing operations Discontinued operations Aggregate income tax expense Deferred income tax revenue included in income tax expense comprises: Increase in deferred tax assets (note 4(c)) Decrease in deferred liabilities (note 4(c)) The prima facie income tax expense on pre-tax accounting profit from operations reconciles to the income tax expense in the financial statements as follows: Profit from continuing operations before income tax expense Profit from discontinued operations before income tax expense Income tax expense calculated at 30% (2010: 30%) Non-deductible expenses Research and development deduction Differences in overseas tax rates Previously unrecognised tax losses recouped to reduce current tax expense Previously unrecognised tax losses used to reduce deferred tax expense Under/(over) provided in prior periods Foreign exchange translation adjustments Non-assessable income Change in unrecognised temporary differen...
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