J investments and other financial assets investments

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Unformatted text preview: de by the entity in respect of services provided by employees up to reporting date based on the government bond rate matching the expected payment dates. j) Investments and other financial assets Investments are initially measured at fair value, net of transaction costs incurred. Subsequent to initial recognition, investments in associates are accounted for under the equity method in the financial statements. Other financial assets are classified into the following specified categories: financial assets “at fair value through profit or loss”, “held-to-maturity” investments, “available-for-sale” financial assets, and “loans and receivables”. The classification depends on the nature and purpose of the financial assets and is determined at the time of initial recognition. Financial assets at fair value through profit or loss Financial assets at fair value through the profit and loss are financial assets held for trading. A financial asset is classified in this category if acquired principally fo...
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