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Unformatted text preview: igations arising under onerous contracts are recognised as a provision to the extent that the present obligation exceeds the economic benefits estimated to be received. w) Segment reporting Operating segments are reported in a manner consistent with the internal reporting provided to the chief operating decision maker. The chief operating decision maker, who is responsible for allocating resources and assessing performance of the operating segments, has been identified as the Board of Directors. 40 Wellcom Group Limited Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 2. Summary of significant accounting policies (continued) For personal use only x) Business combinations The acquisition method of accounting is used to account for all business combinations, including business combinations involving entities or businesses under common control, regardless of whether equity instruments or other assets are acquired. The consideration transferred for the acquisition of a subsidiary comprises the fair values of the assets transferred, the liabilities incurred and the equity interests issues by the Group. The consider...
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