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I will not formally lecture on all the topics in the

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Unformatted text preview: l not formally lecture on all the topics in the textbook, for that would be impossible in the time allotted, but I will expect you to read and study all assigned sections. It is expected that you will devote a portion of your study time in the further pursuit of topics of interest to you. Exams: There will be 400 points worth of quizzes, two 50-minute, 100 point exams given during the term, and one 2-hour, 200 point, cumulative final exam given during the final exam week at the end of the term. Your final grade is determined by calculating the sum of points you have earned out of the total 400 points possible. Classroom Behavior: All cell phones, beepers, and pagers are to be Turned Off while you are in class. If yo...
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