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Unformatted text preview: page s amic web Chapter 4: Know in Detail Chapter SWOT Analysis SDLC: 5 steps In-House .vs. Outsourcing (risks/issues) Annoying website features E-Commerce Suites Building & Hosting a website Web Analytics (links on TRACS) GoogleAnalytics WebTrends Cha p te r 5 : Be Fa m i li ar W ith Tech h Secu nical So lution rity s Encr Fire yption wall Ant i-Viru s Te for rm s: S-HT Sniffe r, VP TP Spo N, S SL , ofing DoS/ DDo, Phishin g, S BillP Optioay/Types ns of Pa S ec ymen urity/ t R isk Plan s Cha p te r 5 : Kno w in De t a il IC3 website E-Commerce: Threats Fraud, Privacy, Authentication, Integrity, Fraud, Confidentiality, non-repudiation Confidentiality, Types of Cyber Criminals Online BillPayment Online More Sec u ri ty Stu ff ! TRA CS/R esou 2 Ma rces/ teria ls Test# Dug hs o f Sec SPA urity M Vide o Arti cles : Co Secu rity B mmon them reac McA e: hes: fee M e l tdow Insi n de r A buse Dat s abas e/CR Com /DB prom Card ises Go od Luc k Ha pp – y St u dyin g !...
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