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Unformatted text preview: anding for the Have concepts & terms concepts Partial Credit! Cha p te r 3 : Be Fa m i li ar W ith Term s!!! TCP /IP, U RL, F VoIP , DN TP, X S ML, Blog s, P o dcas Pack t, Wi ki et Sw itchin Midd g lewa re IP A ddre sses IPv6 (IPv4 ) .vs. First /Last /Midd le Mi le(s) Ch a p ter 3 : K no w in Deta il Intranet .vs. Extranet Client/Server Class Discussions: IPv4 .vs. IPv6 Browsers Akamai (Quiz material) Cloud Computing Internet2 Project HTML5 Cha p te r 4 : Be Fa m i li ar W ith Righ tsizin g/Op Web tim site m izatio tools n anag eme nt Serv ers: W Appl icatio eb, n, M Term erch s: ant.. S Scali ng, C ookie SS L s , FTP Stat tic .vs . Dyn...
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