H04 Midterm Practice

H04 Midterm Practice

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Unformatted text preview: e two! Practice You're unlikely to do well on a test if you don't understand the core concepts, but there is no guarantee about the inverse. Some students who are quite accomplished in practice don't manage to demonstrate that same proficiency in the exam setting. Writing code on paper under time constraints is different than working at the computer. Most students need practice to adapt their skills. We recommend you sit down with the problems and write out solutions in longhand. This is much more valuable than a passive review of the problem alongside its solution where it is too easy to conclude "ah, yes, I would have done that" only to find yourself sad during the real exam when there is no provided solution to agree with! The rest of this handout is the midterm I gave last quarter in CS107 so you can consider the questions fairly representative in terms of format, difficulty, and content. To conserve paper, I cut back on answer space. The real exam will have much more room for your answers and scratch work. We'll distribute solutions in the next lecture. There are also many excellent problems in the K&R and B&O texts if you'd like further practice. –2– Problem 1: C-strings Write the Subtract function that takes a string outer and string inner and returns a new string consisting of outer with the first occurrence of inner removed, or NUL...
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