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The parameters are unsigned ints used as a bit vector

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Unformatted text preview: it work correctly for large ranges. b) Implement the I sSubset function that takes two sets returns whether the first is a subset of the second; that is, all elements of s ub appear in m ain . The parameters are unsigned ints used as a bit vector over the range [0, 31]. Your implementation should only bitwise operators and ==/!=. bool IsSubset(unsigned int sub, unsigned int main) Problem 4: IA32 assembly ( The following IA32 instructions are the disassembly from the Binky function: Binky: push mov sub %ebp %esp, %ebp $0x10, %esp # function prolog mov imul sub mov 0x8(%ebp), %eax 0x8(%ebp), %eax $0x7, %eax %eax, -0x4(%ebp) # first line of C code # compiles to these 4 instrs addl $0x8,0xc(%ebp) # second line of C code mov mov mov add movb -0x4(%ebp), %eax 0xc(%ebp), %edx (%edx, %eax, 4), %eax $0x3, %eax $0x41, (%eax) # third line of C code leave ret # function epilog Fill in the body of the Binky function with three lines of C code that compile to the above IA32 instructions. void Binky(int x, char **y) { ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ }...
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