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0 2 problem 3 heap allocator a return nbytes 3

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Unformatted text preview: while ((ebp = (void **)*ebp) != 0); –2– Problem 3: Heap allocator a) return !(nBytes + 3) >> 2; addl $0x3, %eax shr $0x2, %eax b) It increments the header pointer using ++, when it should instead advance by size of the current block. The symptom of the error is that the loop will read through the payload data, interpreting every word as a block header. The payload data can easily appear to be a valid block that would then mistakenly be given out to client, causing heap corruption. The fix is to change hdr++ into hdr += (*hdr & SIZE_MASK) c) The header for an in-use block has the most significant bit set, which makes...
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