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At the extreme fltmax and its nearest neighbor have a

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Unformatted text preview: oat number line has the property that the gaps widen as values grow in magnitude. At the extreme, FLT_MAX and its nearest neighbor have a gap of 2 -23 scaled by 2 127 , which is enormous ~1031! The gap size doubles each time the exponent goes up by one, so for value as small as 2.0, its nearest neighbor is 2 -22 away and this pair will fail to be ApproximatelyEqual. ApproximatelyEqual b) The compiler warns of implicit declarations for the functions a ssert , fopen, and CVectorAlloc , and errors because N ULL is an unknown symbol. The linker will error because it finds no function definitions for assert and CVectorAlloc. Add the missing #include statements below and link with cvector.c or libcevmap. #include #include #include #include <assert.h> <stdio.h> <stdlib.h> "cvector.h" // // // // see see see see macro definition for assert prototype for fopen #define for NULL prototype for CVectorAlloc...
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