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H09 Practice Soln

Comparing headers as signed ints will make the size

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Unformatted text preview: the value negative in signed interpretation. Comparing headers as signed ints will make the size of in-use blocks appear negative and freed as positive, exactly what is desired here. The hdr is unsigned and nWords is a size_t (also unsigned) so both must be cast to signed int for the comparison to be done using signed types: (int)(*hdr) >= (int)nWords d) void **NewHandle(size_t nPayloadBytes) { header *hdr = FindBlock(NumWords(nPayloadBytes)+1); // +1 for hdr int index = FindMaster(); if (hdr == NULL || index == -1) return NULL; *hdr |= INUSE_MASK; // mark block header as in-use masters[index] = hdr + 1; // handle points to payload return &masters[index]; } e) Possible factors to consider: • F indMaster has better locality of reference as masters are accessed in a contiguous array and only miss cache when crossing the cache line, whereas FindBlock is jumping t...
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