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Outline agreement or scheduling agreement purchase

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Unformatted text preview: ment Purchase Order 32 32 Docume nt Document Principle 1000010 In SAP, transaction postings are In always stored in document form stored The document remains as a The complete unit in the system until it is archived archived Only complete documents can be Only posted posted A document consists of a document document header and at least two line items header 33 33 Tolerances Groups for Account Tolerances Postings Postings Amount limits for your employees which Amount control – the maximum document amount the employee the maximum is authorized to post authorized – the maximum amount the employee can enter as the maximum a line item in a customer or vendor account line – the maximum cash discount percentage the the maximum employee can grant on a line item can – the maximum acceptable tolerance for payment the maximum differences for the employee differences 34 34 Tolerance Group for A/R & A/P Handles differences in payment and Handles residual items which can occur during payment settlement payment Allocate a tolerance group to each Allocate vendor in the master record vendor master – Tolerances up to which differences in Tolerances payment are posted automatically to payment expense or revenue accounts when clearing open items clearing 35 35 Controlling Controlling CO Where the company “really” finds Where out what is going on! out Cost Element Accounting Which costs are incurred ? Product related costs (Direct , traceable costs) Material Labor Product Cost Accounting What for? Product Product Overhead costs (Indirect costs) Admin wages Depreciation Interest Cost Center Accounting Where are the costs incurred? Purchasing Manufacturing Administration Sales 37 Cost Elements CO FI General ledger accounts P & L accts Primary cost elements Secondary cost elements Bal. sheet accts Expense accts Revenue accts 38 Primary Cost Elements A way to identify which type of cost Salaries, utilities, selling expenses x Cost that arise from consumption of goods/services from outside of the enterprise x Must be created in the GL chart of accounts in FI x Each posting to a cost element must be assigned either to a cost center or an order x 39 Secondary Cost Elements x x x x Used exclusively in CO for allocations and settlements x Internal cost allocations Created and exist ONLY in CO x Cannot exist in FI The internal value flows such as allocations and overhead calculations x Secondary cost elements are allocated to cost objects within CO Represent activ...
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