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Payable 13 13 gl master records chart of accounts

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Unformatted text preview: 13 13 G/L Master Records Chart of Accounts Chart information information – G/L account number G/L number – G/L account name G/L name – Account type: Balance Account type Balance sheet or Income Statement Statement – Account group: Info that Account group Info controls creation of the controls master record in the company code company Account number 100000 Chart of accounts Balance sheet account P&L statement acct type Account group 14 14 Account Group Identifier that controls which fields Identifier must be entered when the account is must created created Can determine a valid number Can interval for the G/L account interval Must be created before creating G/L Must master records - configuration data configuration 15 15 Account groups Chrt/accts QC_ _ QC_ _ QC_ _ Acct group BSA PLA RAA From acct To account Description 100000 600000 110000 399999 799999 300000 Balance sheet P & L accounts Reconciliation 16 16 G/L Master Records Contains Company Code information – Account Currency Account Currency – Tax Category Used for country specific taxes during pricing – Reconciliation Account for Account Type – Open Item Management Whether each item in an account must be used Whether to clear other line items in the same account – to each line must zero out before it can clear – Line Item Display 17 17 Company Code Information Sort key – Necessary when Line Item display is Necessary Line selected – Determines the field that will be used to Determines sort the line items sort Posting date Document date Cost center Others 18 18 Company Code Information Reconciliation account – Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable Accounts payable Fixed Assets, etc. When you post to an account in the sub-ledger, post the system automatically posts to the automatically corresponding reconciliation account corresponding The general ledger is automatically updated The general 19 19 Reconciliation Account Customers Subledger Customer1 Customer2 1000 2000 Accounts Receivable 3000 Reconciliation Account 20 20 Reconciliation Account Vendors Subledger Vendor1 Vendor2 3000 5000 Accounts Payable 8000 Reconciliation Account 21 21 Company Code Information Field status group – An identifier which controls which fields An appear on a G/L document which uses this appear account - configuration data configuration – Sets screens for entering data so Sets they are specific to the account or to the transaction the 22...
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