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Unformatted text preview: l content Once created, a document cannot be Once deleted from the database deleted Business Processes Business s A process is a set of linked activities that process transform an input into a more valuable output thus creating value output – – What the business “does” in doing what it does Processes are linked – – Physically – Purchased raw materials used to manufacture finished Purchased manufacture goods that are sold to customers from which money is collected collected Data Data – Data about physical things flows from one process to Data another another Logistics Processes Logistics s Materials Management (MM) s Sales and Distribution (SD) s Production Planning (PP) s Quality Management (QM) s Plant Maintenance (PM) s Service Management (SM) Administrative Processes Administrative Financial Accounting (FI) s Treasury (TR) s Managerial Accounting (CO) s Enterprise Controlling (EC) s Investment Management (IM) s Project Systems (PS) s Administrative Process Administrative Human Resources s The Human Resources (HR) The application component is a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities activities Client Client s s s The highest level in an SAP R/3 instance The highest A self-contained unit with a separate set of self-contained master records and its own set of configuration tables configuration An instance can have more than one client – – – s Training Client Testing Client Production Client NOT somet...
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