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Where managed s may be a physical or logical unit may

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Unformatted text preview: Where managed s May be a physical or logical unit. May s Purchasing Group Purchasing Is responsible for specified purchasing Is activities activities s Represents buyer(s) s Used for reporting s Optional element s Purchasing Organizations Purchasing Organizational unit responsible for Organizational the procurement of materials and procurement services for one or many plants and for negotiating prices and terms of delivery with a vendor delivery s Assignment to plant(s) is mandatory Assignment mandatory s Assignment to company codes is Assignment possible s Required element – not optional Required s Purchasing Organization Purchasing Organizational Data Flya Kite Corporation Client ...... Flya Kite Corporation Flya Kite Corporation USA Company Code CC00 Mexico CCMX Plant 2000 Dist.Center 0001 Dist.Center 0002 Manufacturing site Mexico City Cancun Storage location Storage location Storage location 0010 warehouse 0020 production 0030 shipping Quarles: Flya Kite MM 12 Master Data Master Vendor / Supplier Master Vendor s In SAP, all pertinent information In all about a vendor is stored in the vendor vendor master record. vendor – Vendor data will be used by MM – purchasing MM purchasing s FI/CO – accounting and controlling FI/CO accounting s PP - production PP production s s Vendors can be organized in vendor Vendors account groups. account Vendor Account Group Vendor s Vendor masters are assigned to a Vendor assigned vendor account group. vendor – Through field status maintenance, Through field vendor account groups can be setup for one-time vendors, regional vendors, internal vendors, etc. – a management decision as to how to do this decision s The vendor account group controls The both type and number range type assignment for vendors. assignment Vendor / Supplier Master Vendor By editing the field statuses, a By multitude of vendor account groups can be created. s In MM the vendor account number In will be created and used - additional functionality will be added in functionality subsequent modules subsequent s Vendor master data is maintained by both the A/P and the purchasing A/P departments. departments....
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