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Unformatted text preview: s Material Master Material s Each and every material in the system must Each have a material master record have – Material related transactions cannot take place Material without this record without – Contains the material related pertinent data to Contains track and process transactions throughout the system system s DANGER – WARNING – BEWARE – Material master record is tedious, contains a lot of Material minute details, and is very, very critical to a great number of downstream transactions number – Mess this record up and you will pay – at a future Mess time and date in transactions in modules many light years away light Material Master Material s The most integrated record in SAP The most – MM uses it to procure and track MM materials materials – PP uses it in planning and carrying out PP production production – SD uses it in selling and distributing the SD product to customers product – FI/CO uses it invoice customers and FI/CO track costs of sales/production track s Users in these areas have different “views” of the master record “views” Material Master - Views Material s s s s s s s s Basic data Basic Classification Classification Sales: sales organization Sales: data data Sales: general/plant data Sales text Purchasing Purchase order text Forecasting MORE Material Master - Views Material MRP 1, 2 MRP s Work scheduling Work s Storage s Warehouse management s Quality management s Accounting s Costing s Material Types Material Material Type s Used to categorize materials. Used categorize – Ex: raw materials, finished goods, Ex: trading goods, etc. trading s Defines the material attributes, e.g., attributes e.g., valuation, procurement, price control control s Also controls screen sequence, Also number assignment field selection, account determination account Material Type - Examples Material ROH - raw materials, purchased externally raw only, no sales view only, HAWA - trading goods, always purchased trading externally, are sold without any change to externally, the material, no manufacturing views exist FERT- finished products are produced finished internally no purchasing view exists exists Purchasing Info Record Purchasing s The purchasing info record provides The continuously updated information about the relationship of a specific relationship material with a spec...
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