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Material with specific order unit price price changes

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Unformatted text preview: ific vendor. material with specific – Order unit, price, price changes, Order tolerances, reminder infos, historic data, statistics, texts statistics, – Once this record is created, the particular Once vendor is automatically selected when the specific material is to be purchased specific s Choice of automatic or manual Choice updating updating Transactions Transactions Transactions Transactions Transactions describe business Transactions activities in SAP. activities s Number ranges are assigned to transactions to allow unique documents unique to be created for every single transaction. transaction s Every transaction follows preEvery follows configured rules. configured s Unlike master data transactional data is Unlike dynamic - it constantly changes, usually dynamic many times per day. s Automatic Account Assignment Automatic s A a set of rules and master data which enable set rules the financial tracking of logistics movements. financial s Created to avoid manual postings of financial Created transactions which follow goods movements transactions which to reflect the values of transferred materials. to – Movements create journal entries Movements s s Ex: when physical movement of a quantity of a material is Ex: recorded by scanning a bar code, a journal entry with the appropriate debit and credit is entered by the system in the appropriate ledger(s) the Used across all modules to keep track of the Used all keep values of materials that are being consumed values that (e.g., production), or transferred into other or into valuation areas of the company. Automatic Account Assignment Automatic s Example -Debit posting $100 -VBR goods issue to consumption material expenses account 701000 -Movement type 261 -Movement -Credit posting $100 -Credit -GBB offsetting GBB offsetting raw material inventory account 102000 Goods Receipt Goods s Materials can be received as stock Materials stock items or non-stock items. items. – Stock: capitalize and track as used – Non-stock: expensed but quantity Non-stock: may be tracked may s Receipt is possible from external Receipt or internal...
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