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Or goods receipt goods s stock items can be received

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Unformatted text preview: sources. or Goods Receipt Goods s Stock items can be received into Stock – unrestricted stock – quality inspection stock – blocked stock (for example, a vendor certification blocked is missing), or is – restricted stock, when batch management is being restricted used used s For example: a particular batch must maintain its For integrity due to specific attributes (for example, colors for batches of paint, batch numbers for pharmaceuticals ) for s Non-stock items are received into orders, projects, cost centers. projects, s Materials that are usually received into Materials inventory can also be received into orders, can projects, cost centers. projects, Goods Receipt Goods s Tolerance limits can be set for goods receipt. receipt. – How much variation from the data in the How purchase order will be allowed purchase Invoice Verification s Set rules for invoice receipt – Quantity, price, receiving date – Updates material master cost if moving Updates average price is used average – Automatic account assignment for price Automatic differences if allowed differences s Verify actual versus target Invoice Verification Invoice s Three Way Check Goods receipt actual quantity Purchase order target quantity target price Invoice receipt actual price FI - MM Integration Points FI Goods Receipt Inventory D+ C- Invoice receipt AP (Vendor) GR / IR D+ $100 Payment Program C- D+ C- Bank D+ C- $100 $100 $100 $100 Recon. Account D+ $100 C- $100 $100 Procurement Activities Procurement s From requisition to purchase order From Requisition Purchase Order • Material/Service • Quantity • Delivery Date • Acct.Assn. Category • Item Category • Text • Plant • Order Type • Vendor • Material/Service • Quantity • Delivery Date • Price • Text • Add. Terms Goods Receipt Inventory Consumption Flya Kite MM Transactions Flya s EXERCISE MM01: CREATE GENERAL EXERCISE LEDGER RECONCILIATION ACCOUNT LEDGER – We will create the “control” account in the We general ledger that links to the accounts payable subledger where the individual amounts owed to vendors are tracked amounts s s Reconciliation account must exist before a Reconciliation purchase can be recorded purchase EXERCISE MM02: CREATE VENDOR EXERCISE MASTER ACCOUNTING RECORDS MASTER – Must create a record of the basic data Must relate...
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