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The ordered goods are delivered they must be received

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Unformatted text preview: y loaded from to the purchase order Flya Kite MM Transactions Flya s EXERCISE MM11: CREATE A GOODS RECEIPT – When the ordered goods are delivered, they must be “received” not only physically but the data related to that receipt must be entered into the system – Referencing the purchase order number brings in the pertinent data related to the materials that were ordered and are being delivered – The system can be set to automatically propose the receipt quantities as the quantities that were ordered s This can be changed if receipt quantities differ from ordered quantities Flya Kite MM Transactions Flya s EXERCISE MM12: CREATE AN INVOICE EXERCISE RECEIPT RECEIPT – Vendors want to be paid for materials they have sent to the company so they send and invoice asking for that payment – The invoice must be “received” by inputting the various data elements from the invoice into the system – The invoice receipt must link to the appropriate purchase order so that the “three way match” can be accomplished Purchase Order = Goods Received = Invoice – The actual payment of the invoice occurs in the FI module at some time after the invoice verification occurs in MM...
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