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s qualifications positions people routing sheet

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Unformatted text preview: d Capacity is assigned to a cost center HR assignments could include ... s Qualifications, Positions, People Routing Sheet Routing s s s s Recipe (plan) for activities for Ordered sequence of procedures required to assemble a completed unit of goods Contains the resources required to Contains resources complete each step in the manufacturing process for a particular product or item. process Elements of a routing are ... – Operations – Material components used by each Material operation operation – Production resources and tools – Inspection characteristics Routing Routing s s Routings will be used in – Scheduling – Costing – Capacity planning – Production orders Components to be used in the Components individual operations are assigned to the individual operations the MRP - Planned Orders MRP s Planned Order - replenishment elements created by MRP created – Dependent demand based on BOM – can be ... s Firmed: changes only recommended s Changed by the planner Changed s Converted into a production order Converted into – System assumes recommendations System have been acted upon Production Orders Production Planned orders are converted into Planned converted production orders production s Used to specify Used –What is to be produced What is –When production is to take place –Which capacity is to process the order –How much production cost will be How cost s Production Orders s When a production order is created production –A routing is selected,...
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