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Flya Kite PP MRP

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Unformatted text preview: operations and sequences selected operations are transferred to the order are – BOM exploded and the items are transferred to BOM exploded the order the – Reservations are created to hold items in stock Reservations are – Planned costs of order are generated generated – Capacity requirements are generated in work centers centers – Purchase requisitions generated for non-stock generated items and externally-processed operations items Costs - $$ Costs s Planned cost of order ... – Uses bill of material – Uses routing – Based on material master price Based for each component for – Allocated to cost elements Costs - $$ s Actual costs of order – Uses bill of material – Uses routing – Gets updated when goods are issued Gets to order or when purchased materials are received materials – May include activity costs May – Updated at completion confirmation Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP01: CREATE MRP EXERCISE VIEWS FOR RAW MATERIALS VIEWS – Before raw materials can be used in manufacturing, the MRP views must be added to the material master record s – If material master already created, MRP views are added to extend the record The MRP views contain the data necessary to s s s s s Determine the lot size of the order Set the production time required Set the safety stock Set the availability check Set the replenishment lead time for the material Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP02: CREATE MRP EXERCISE VIEWS FOR TRADING GOODS VIEWS – I...
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