Flya Kite PP MRP

Flya Kite PP MRP

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Unformatted text preview: son responsible (financially) Non-plant-specific organizational units – Capacity planner Capacity Bill of Material (BOM) Bill s s A complete list of the complete components (inputs) that are required to assemble a required completed unit of goods (e.g., finished good) (e.g., Could be for an Could intermediate production good (e.g., engines for car manufacturer) Master Data - Bill of Material s Where is the BOM used? – MRP uses the BOM to determine MRP dependent requirements (exploding the dependent BOM to identify raw material and subcomponent quantities required to complete production of a planned order) complete – Controlling uses the BOM to calculate Controlling product costs product – Production (PP) uses the BOM to issue Production issue the proper quantities of components and raw materials to the shop floor and Work Center Work s s Location where value-added work is Location preformed preformed Contains one or more of the Contains following resources following – Equipment – Operations – People Master Data - Work Center Master s Capacities are defined by the user – Labor / machine / emissions / energy Labor consumption consumption – – – Used for capacity requirements planning, Used detailed scheduling and costing detaile...
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