Flya Kite PP MRP

Flya Kite PP MRP

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Unformatted text preview: n some cases, trading goods are not only sold outright but they are used in the manufacturing process to create finished goods s – For example: string is sold as a trading good but is also used in making a kite Before a trading good can be used in manufacturing, the MRP views must be added to the material master record s If material master already created, MRP views are added to extend the record Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP03: CREATE MRP & EXERCISE WORK SCHEDULING VIEWS FOR FINISHED GOODS FINISHED – – The MRP views are necessary to set the production data in the finished good master record Because finished goods are produced, there must be a work scheduling view included in the record to permit the system to schedule the production of this material Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP04: CREATE BILLS EXERCISE OF MATERIAL OF – The BOM specifies what components are needed in order to produce the particular finished product s – For example: to make a kite, one needs paper, wood, and string The BOM also includes the quantities of each material needed to create the finished product s For example: to make a kite one needs 1 unit of paper, 1 unit of wood, and 150 units of string Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP05: CREATE A EXERCISE ROUTING FOR FINISHED PRODUCTS PRODUCTS – – – The routing indicates which operations must be performed to build the product and their order The routing specifies how much time will be required in each of the operations both for set up in order to get ready for production of one unit of product as well as the labor time required (it can also include machine time if machines are part of the operation) The materials to be used at each operation are also assigned to the routing so that the materials will be present for use when required Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP06: DISPLAY LIST EXERCISE OF ROUTINGS OF s The routing created and the components assigned to each step are displayed in order to ensure they are correct Flya Kite PP Transactions s EXERCISE PP07: RUN MRP – EXERCISE SINGLE ITEM, MULTI LEVEL SINGLE s The MRP system is executed (run) so that it will plan the production of the finished good...
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