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When creatingchanging reservations to ensure goods

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Unformatted text preview: planned ATP issues issues s Inventory Management: when creating/changing reservations to ensure goods movement will not reservations jeopardize availability status of other issue elements jeopardize already created and checked by system already s SD: whether material is available on desired delivery date for sales orders date sales s MRP: planned order processing and production order processing, to make sure material components are processing to available for production of finished product available s MRP MRP Quota arrangements – For multiple source materials For multiple s Internal production or external procurement production procurement – System determines the sources of supply System according to a quota file and assigns quota procurement proposals to sources procurement s Allocation quota arrangement: every lot every assigned to rotating sources of supply assigned s Splitting quota arrangement: a lot is split among various sources of supply split MRP - Process MRP on order on order status status current current inventory inventory recommended production actions forecasts forecasts MRP MRP process process Inputs master master sschedule chedule bills of bills of material material planning planning rules rules Outputs recommended procurement actions Organizational Structure Organizational s s Plant specific organizational units organizational – MRP controller MRP – Production controller / production Production scheduler / planner group scheduler – Per...
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