Dhs has r ever given money to religious organizatio

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Unformatted text preview: we need a strong government to handle today's complex V085201e R4e. DHS: Has R ever: given money to religious organizatio economic problems; OR --------------------------------------------------TWO, the free market can handle these problems without government (Have you done this, or have you never done it?) being involved. Gave money to a religious organization. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INTERVIEWER INSTRUCTION: VALID CODES: --------------------------------{IF NECESSARY, PROBE "WHICH IS CLOSER"} 1. Have done this VALID CODES: 5. Never have done this ----------MISSING CODES: 1. Need a strong gov't to handle complex economic problems ------------2. Free market can handle without gov't involvement -2. No Post-election IW MISSING CODES: -8. Don't know -------------9. Refused -2. No Post-election IW -8. Don't know -9. Refused So, my answer to this question would be: Outcome: V085201e: Ever gave money to a religious org Explanatory: V085106: Support for Free Market vs Govt in Econ 1 They call it a“Time Series Study” meaning that it included some of the same questions asked in previous years. Class 12 — Political Science 230 An Interlude about Data and Final Reports— October 8, 2013— 1 2. Look at both table() and summary() as applied to each of your variables. Do you need to recode any missing value codes? Hint: Your own answer to this question can be simply “no” if you do not need to recode. Or “yes” if you do. For example, I would have answered this question as follows. I would have looked at the following univariate desciptions: summary(nes08.df$V085106) Min. 1st Qu. 1.0 1.0 Median 1.0 Mean 3rd Qu. 1.3 2.0 Max. 2.0 NA's 265 Mean 3rd Qu. 2 5 Max. 5 NA's 224 summary(nes08.df$V085201e) Min. 1st Qu. 1 1 Median 1 table(nes08.df$V085106, useNA = "ifany") 1 1514 2 <NA> 543 265 table(nes08.df$V085201e, useNA = "ifany") 1 1563 5 <NA> 535 224 In my case I do not see values that indicate missing responses (like -2, -8 and -9 as listed in the codebook). If I had seen them, I might have recoded them to R’s missing value code of NA using the recode() function in the car package. Below, I do such a recode (just to show the code) but also recode the values of the variable to be 0 and 1 rather than 1 and 5 library(car) ## maybe need install.packages('car') for this ## I write car::recode rather than recode because the mosaic package and the car package both have recode commands. nes08.df$freemkt.vs.govt <- car::recode(nes08.df$V085106, "c(-2,-8,-9)=NA;1=0;2=1") ## free mkt=1, strong gvt=0 nes08.df$relig.money <- car::recode(nes08.df$V085201e, "c(-2,-8,-9)=NA;1=1;5=0") ## has given money=1, no...
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