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Unformatted text preview: 3rd Qu.:0.0 Max. :1.0 NA's :222 GiniChange99to09 Min. :-0.01700 1st Qu.:-0.00100 Median : 0.00400 Mean : 0.00317 3rd Qu.: 0.00800 Max. : 0.02100 GiniChange79to09 Min. :0.0300 1st Qu.:0.0480 Median :0.0590 Mean :0.0566 3rd Qu.:0.0610 Max. :0.0900 GiniChange79to09.01 Min. :0.000 1st Qu.:0.300 Median :0.483 Mean :0.443 3rd Qu.:0.517 Max. :1.000 Gini.H2009 Min. :0.432 1st Qu.:0.453 Median :0.467 Mean :0.465 3rd Qu.:0.473 Max. :0.532 Gini.H1999 Min. :0.413 1st Qu.:0.449 Median :0.465 Mean :0.461 3rd Qu.:0.475 Max. :0.549 Gini.H1979 Min. :0.379 1st Qu.:0.396 Median :0.408 Mean :0.408 3rd Qu.:0.419 Max. :0.450 Inequality has been increasing since 1979 but some states have had inequality decrease in the last ten years. 2. What proportion of respondents to the 2008 NES report having joined a protest march or rally? (See the previous summaries) 3. Now, specify and fit a linear model of protest as predicted by GiniChange79to09.01. Tell us the results in the form of an equation. For example, if I fit y ∼ x and got coefficients of 2 and 3, I would write y = 2 + 3 x in answer to this question. lm1 <- lm(protest ~ GiniChange79to09.01, data = nes08gini.df) cat(paste("$$ \\text{protest} \\sim", paste(signif (coef (lm1), 3), c("", names(coef (lm1))[-1]), collapse = protest ∼ 0.152 + 0.0955GiniChange79to09.01 4. What does this coefficient tell us about the relationship between income inequality and protest in the United States in 2008? People who live in states with where inequality has increased tend to report more protest activity than people who live in states where the inequality change has been less pronounced( notice that inequality increased in all states over this period). The coefficient is the difference in proportion of people reporting that they had ever attended a protest between states that differ by 1 unit on the Gini change scale. Here is a plot of the fitted values and the observed values. plot(jitter(protest) ~ GiniChange79to09.01, data = nes08gini.df, cex = 0.7, col = "gray") line...
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