7. Temples

Rshipoftheroyalancestors templesintheniledelta

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Unformatted text preview: y temples of Western Thebes View from Karnak to the West bank with the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut Medinet Habu Ramesseum Funerary temple of SeH I Dendera Hathor worship aYested as early as early 3rd millennium – present temple from Roman Hmes Close to Dendera: Abydos Funerary temple of SeH I for the worship of the royal ancestors Temples in the Nile delta – evidence scarce, no single temple has been preserved in its en9rety Example of Sais – famous royal metropolis of the Late Period Ram of Mendes … as the manifesta9on of primeval gods of Egypt Iseum at Behbeit el‐Hagar – largest and most important Isis temple in the Nile delta, with neighbouring place of Osiris worship probably more important than Abydos Behbeit el‐Hagar – sketch of the ruins of the 1830s Few excep9ons: Athribis (excava9ons University of Tübingen) The daily ritual – began in the morning with a hymn sung by the priests to waken the deity, – ajer which his o...
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