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10. Priests and cult

loweregypt doublecrown nemeskerchief khatkerchief

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Unformatted text preview: ther funerary funcBons, such as the "Ka‐priest") King Aya performs the opening of the mouth on Tutankhamun's mummy Leopard skin was imitaBon made of texBles – system of rota3on of priestly offices except for major or specialized ones: so‐called "phylai" (EgypBan: "watch, guard") – a priest served for one month per every season of the year = 3 months or ¼ of the year – sBll unpublished "Book of the Temple" informs in detail about priestly personnel and its responsibiliBes Specialized priests in mummificaBon: Embalming priests Cuboid statue of Bakenkhonsu High priest of Amun under Ramesses II Biographical inscripBon Ritual func3ons of the Egyp3an king – the king as the only priest of Egypt Divine and ‘human’ kingship Ivory comb of king Wadj, 1st dynasty Vestments and regalia of the king – crowns – beard (arB‐ ficials) – insignia 3 funcBons: – status – duBes – protecBon Uraeus snake Cobra goddess of Lower Egypt (Wadjet/Uto) Vulture goddess of Upper Egypt (Nekhbet) White crown of Upper Egypt Red crown of (at least later!) Lower Egypt Double crown Nemes kerchief Khat kerchief Pharaonic cap Blue crown Atef crown Double feather crown Hemhemet crown sceptre Flagellum (flail) Royal 3tulary – defines his status and policies – Horus name – oldest element of the king's Btulary – NebB (two ladies) name – Gold (Gold Horus) name – Throne name/prenomen (in cartouche) – Birth name/nomen (in cartouche) Thutmose (Thutmosis) III Horus name ‐ Mighty Bull, whose appearance (enthronement) is perfect Nebty name Whose kingship endures like (that of) Atum Gold (Gold Horus) Whose arm/strength is powerful, oppressor of the Nine Bows Prenomen King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Whose presence is stable, Re Birth Name Son of Re: Thutmose (Thot is born), who appears magniIicently, beloved of Amun­Re Ideology of Egyptian Kingship ‐ king as living Horus; installed on earth to ensure order – mythical role vs. actual individuality ‐ maat = order vs. isfet = chaos ‐ ritual and political leadership Traj...
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