10. Priests and cult


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Unformatted text preview: an Dewen 98-117 CE 2950 BCE Narmer c.3100 BCE Nine Bows = pdt psdt Power of the King “He is Perception, which is in all hearts, and his eyes pierce through every being. He is the sun-god, by whose rays one sees, for he is one who illuminates the Two Lands (Egypt) more than the sun-disk. He is one who makes (the land) green, even more than a high inundation. He has filled the Two Lands with victory and life. Nostrils are cool when he starts to rage, but when he sets in peace, one can breathe the air again ... He is Sakhmet (the lion-headed goddess of war and pestilence) against those who disobey his orders, and the one with whom he disagrees will be laden with sorrows.” Your research essay The textbook will provide you with some preliminary informaBon on your topic and bibliographic references. There are useful encyclopedias with overview arBcles on many themes pertaining to EgypBan religion: – The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, 3 vols, Oxford: OUP 2001. (Koerner, reference sec3on, DT58.O94 2001; h_p://www.oxford‐ancientegypt.com). – Jack M. Sasson (ed.), CivilizaBons of the Ancient Near East, volumes 1‐4, Peabody: Hendrickson Publishers, 1995 (Koerner, reference sec3on, DS57 C55 1995) – I. Shaw/P. Nicholson, The Princeton DicBonary of Ancient Egypt, London: BriBsh Museum Press, 1995 (Koerner, reference sec3on, DT.58 S55 2008) – Toby A.H. Wilkinson, The Thames and Hudson DicBonary of Ancient Egypt, London: Thames and Hudson, 2005 (Koerner, reference sec3on, DT.58 W55 2005) Online bibliographic tools in English are Aigyptos: h_p://www.aigyptos.uni‐muenchen.de/indexe.htm (does not work with Safari but most other brows...
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