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11. Divine King

He is the sun god by whose rays one sees for he is

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Unformatted text preview: onstrate suitability for kingship, e.g., in the Hebsed fes)val Hebsed (Sed/ Jubilee fes)val) Ritual run Egyp)an king (pharaoh – late )tle of the 1st millennium!) – does not appear in public (or in depic)ons) without his royal vestments and insignia – vestments and insignia characterize him as king with divine powers Hymn of the New Kingdom “He is Perception, which is in all hearts, and his eyes pierce through every being. He is the sun-god, by whose rays one sees, for he is one who illuminates the Two Lands (Egypt) more than the sun-disk. He is one who makes (the land) green, even more than a high inundation. He has filled the Two Lands with victory and life. Nostrils are cool when he starts to rage, but when he sets in peace, one can breathe the air again ... He is Sakhmet (the lion-headed goddess of war and pestilence) against those who disobey his orders, and the one with wh...
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