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Unformatted text preview: rs AEer civil war in the 2nd dynasty King Khasekehmui "Appearance of the Two Powers" Ideology of Egyptian Kingship ‐ king as living Horus; installed on earth to ensure order – mythical role vs. actual individuality ‐ maat = order vs. isfet = chaos ‐ ritual and political leadership Trajan Dewen 98-117 CE 2950 BCE Narmer c.3100 BCE Nine Bows = pd.t psdt The "Cannibal hymn" from the Egyp6an Pyramid texts – since late 5th dynasty (ca. 2,400 BCE) Different proposed meanings / contexts for the "Cannibal hymn"... Divine and ‘human’ kingship Important: – changes over )me – office vs. individual – ritual inves)ture of the king – iden)fica)on with gods and assimila)on to gods Ivory comb of king Wadj, 1st dynasty Newly found earliest depic)on of the Upper Egyp)an king close to Elephan)ne, ca. 3,200 BCE Newly discovered royal (?) statues at Tell Farkha in the delta Djoser – builder of the step pyramid Horus name: Netjerikhet “Whose body is divine” Every later king carries the usual )tle "the perfect god" – on the other hand, necessity to Dem...
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