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Unformatted text preview: om he disagrees will be laden with sorrows.” Vestments and regalia of the king – crowns – beard (ar)ficial) – insignia 3 func)ons: – status – du)es – protec)on Uraeus snake Cobra goddess of Lower Egypt (Wadjet/Uto) Vulture goddess of Upper Egypt (Nekhbet) White crown of Upper Egypt Red crown of (at least later!) Lower Egypt Double crown Nemes kerchief Khat kerchief Pharaonic cap Blue crown Hemhemet crown sceptre Flagellum (flail) Royal )tulary – defines his status and policies – Horus name – oldest element of the king's 6tulary – Neb6 (two ladies) name – Gold (Gold Horus) name – Throne name/prenomen (in cartouche) – Birth name/nomen (in cartouche) Thutmose (Thutmosis) III Horus name ‐ Mighty Bull, whose appearance (enthronement) is perfect Nebty name (= the two ladies, Wadjet and Nekhbet) Whose kingship endures like (that of) Atum Gold (Gold Horus) Whos...
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