11. Divine King

Tinphysicalcontactwith thegods

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Unformatted text preview: e arm/strength is powerful, oppressor of the Nine Bows Prenomen or Throne name King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Whose presence is stable, Re Birth Name Son of Re: Thutmose (Thot is born), who appears magniIicently, beloved of Amun­Re Horus name Nebty name Gold horus name Throne name Birth name "You are Re" (dignitary Usersatet on Amenophis II) Amenemhat III is "Re ... who is seen in his rays" Merenptah is "the sun disk of mankind, who drives darkness from Egypt" Other texts equate or compare the king to other gods – Horus, Month, Khnum etc. Statues of Amun with the features of Tutankhamun Tutankhamun = "The living image of Amun" King is able to get in physical contact with the gods – assumes the ROLE of gods and their powers while reigning – becomes fully deified with his death Excep)on: Egyp)an kings had themselves worshipped as gods outsid...
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