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Unformatted text preview: irefox) and h>p://www2.ivv1.uni‐muenster.de/litw3/Aegyptologie/index01.htm (for searches in English, click on the English bu\on in the le] column) The Amarna Age – ca. 1350‐1330 BCE Main protagonists Amenophis IV (1353‐1336) renamed himself Akhenaten Nefer11 Six daughters Establishment of a monotheis1c belief Controversial judgments about Amenophis IV / Akhenaten – one of the „principal minds of antiquity“ and one of the leading figures of mankind, – the „first idealist“ in history, a „bold mind, disseminating ideas that went infinitely beyond the comprehension of his times“ – a "false prophet" – a sickly fanatic, even „not an intellectual heavyweight“, „a poor character with a tendency towards bragging" a „fair world full of sunshine“, or a „time of religious intolerance, persecution and police observation“? New excava8on of workers' cemetery Projec8on of modern ideas onto the Amarna Age Frida Kahlo: Moses (1945) Early history at Thebes – tradi8onal start, from year 3 onward implementa8on of a new religion Monumental colossi from Gempaaton temple at Karnak...
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