Suti and hor hymn from the eve of the amarna age no

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Unformatted text preview: ctise. — The new god Aten replaces the existing pantheon; assumes a dogmatic name. — thoroughly new external appearance (artistic conventions, architecture, cult, literary language). Radical (fundamentalist) variant of the earlier „New solar theology“ (J. Assmann), a new truth about reality. Background: debate about positions of religious belief in the 18th dynasty; crisis in cognition. Suti and Hor hymn from the eve of the Amarna Age. – no mythological, but explicit, „scientific“ description and interpretation of the world Reflected in linguistic imagery: Akhenaten was no longer wished jubilee fes8vals as numerous “as those of the gods,” but “as the grains of sand on the bank, as the scales of fish and the hairs of ca\le, as the feathers of birds and the leaves of trees”! – visible phenomena (sun, light, movement, time) seen as immediate result of cosmic mechanisms, not as actions of a pantheon of interacting gods. Aviaries around the Green...
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