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The entire land sets out to work all beasts browse on

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Unformatted text preview: , One eye does not see another. Were they robbed of their goods, That are under their heads, People would not remark it. Every lion comes from its den, All the serpents bite; Darkness hovers, earth is silent, As their maker rests in lightland. Earth brightens when you dawn in lightland, When you shine as Aten of daytime; As you dispel the dark, As you cast your rays, The Two Lands are in festivity. Awake they stand on their feet, You have roused them; Bodies cleansed, clothed, Their arms adore your appearance. The entire land sets out to work, All beasts browse on their herbs; Trees, herbs are sprouting, Birds fly from their nests, Their wings greeting your ka. All flocks frisk on their feet, All that fly up and alight, They live when you dawn for them. Ships fare north, fare south as well, Roads lie open when you rise; The fish in the river dart before you, Your rays are in the midst of the sea. Creator of seed in women, Who creates people from sperm; Who feeds the son in his mother's womb, Who soothes him to still his tears....
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