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You made the earth as you wished you alone all

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Unformatted text preview: Who nurses in the womb, Who gives breath, Who nourishes all that he made. When he comes from the womb to breathe, On the day of his birth, You open wide his mouth, You supply his needs. When the chick in the egg speaks in the shell, You give it breath within to sustain it; When you have made it complete, To break out from the egg, It comes out from the egg, To announce its completion, Walking on its legs it comes from it. How many are your deeds, Though hidden from sight, O Sole God beside whom there is none! You made the earth as you wished, you alone, All peoples, herds, and flocks; All upon earth that walk on legs, All on high that fly on wings, The lands of Khor and Kush, The land of Egypt. You set every man in his place, You supply their needs; Everyone has his food, His lifetime is counted. Their tongues differ in speech, Their characters likewise; Their skins are distinct, For you distinguished the peoples. You made Hapy in the Netherworld, You bring him when you will, To nourish...
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