6. Amulets and Piety


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Unformatted text preview: in your heart, make your mind firm, Do not steer with your tongue; The tongue of a man is the steering oar of a boat, And the Lord of All is its pilot (...). Do not say, I have found a strong protector, And now I can challenge a man in my town. Do not say, I have found an acNve intercessor, And now I can challenge him whom I hate. Indeed, you cannot know the plans of God; You cannot perceive tomorrow. Sit yourself at the hands of God: Your tranquility will cause them to open. •  •  •  •  The most important Wisdom teaching is that of Amenemope The Pe66oners •  refer to themselves in the peniten'al prayers as “a poor, humble person.” No'on of humble religious attude and devo'on, not rela'ng to the personal richness. •  Term “the silent one” is found in prayers of personal piety and wisdom teachings; refers to those who place their trust in the divine, recognize the supreme free will of a deity, and are totally submissive to that will. Cf. chapter 25 of the InstrucNons of A...
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